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The prospect of an award from FolkWords is unlikely to ensure artists undying fame. It does however, recognise work that we consider outstanding and wave a flag for albums that we feel you should invest some of your hard earned beer tokens to acquire. We reflect on all the albums our reviewers cover each month and select an album to recognise as FolkWords 'Album of the Month’.

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February 2017 - Album of the Month:  ‘Routes' - The Hut People

It’s not every day that you hear something unique. Something so unlike anything else that your brain takes a start and you have to check that what you’re hearing. Back to the first track to make sure ... and yes, there it is, utterly different and wholly addictive.

Routes The Hut People album coverFrom their first studio album in 2010, ‘Home Is Where The Hut Is’ through ‘Picnic’ two years later to ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ in 2014, The Hut People have consistently produced a sound that’s outright ‘different’ and ‘innovative’ ... with their latest outing, ‘Routes’, Sam Pirt and Gary Hammond have stepped up a gear with their combination of riveting accordion and enthralling percussion. ‘Routes’ sweeps across an eclectic and boundless sea of influences, taking music from wherever inspiration lands and crafts it into an inimitable sound.

The explosion arrives with the ‘Humours of Tulla’ reel, continues with the sparkling ‘Gumboot’ derived from gumboot dancing in the diamond mines of Apartheid South Africa, and the pulsating presence of ‘The Cage’. These are followed by such wide-ranging offerings as ‘The Whitby Drip’, inspired by a toilet cistern, ‘Dis Found Harmonium’ bringing a Basque influence, a longing version of‘Sweet Nightingale’, the tongue firmly in cheek excesses of ‘Maids Stomach’ and the Maypole dancing of ‘Brighton Camp’.

Add it all together and ‘Routes’ is a journey through the unique world of The Hut People ... you're either moved to foot-tapping and silly leaping, held in rapt attention and suspended belief, taken with sparkling musicianship and vibrant innovation ... and on a journey that's entirely exceptional.



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