2014 Album Awards


FolkWords is proud to announce the winners and runners up for this year's FolkWords Album Awards. Thank you to all the artists that sent us their albums and EPs over the past year. A thank you also to the FolkWords team and the good folk that helped us nominate artists for each of the categories. Most importantly, huge congratulations to the nominees, the runners up and the winners. That's it for 2014 - same awards on offer the same time next year.

'Best Album from a Female Artist': ‘This Land’ - Kelly Oliver


Runner Up: 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' - Ange Hardy


'Best Album from a Male Artist':England Green, England Grey’ - Reg Meuross

Runner Up: 'Foreign Shore’ - Hanz Araki


'Best Album from a Band': ‘In A Box’ - Megson  

Runner Up: ‘Wayfarers All’  - Green Diesel


... and finally, an album that captured the mood of a nation, touched and resonated with everyone that heard it 

'FolkWords Album of the Year':‘Songs For The Voiceless’ 

Featuring: Bella Hardy, Josienne Clarke, The Young 'Uns, Katriona Gilmore, Jamie Roberts, Ian Stephenson, Tom Oakes, Michael J Tinker and Ben Walker

Songs for the Voicelss 

Website: songsforthevoiceless.co.uk


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