‘Wire & Wool’ – original Celtic and Bluegrass fusion

(July 31, 2016)

Maybe it’s my imagination or do bluegrass and Americana bands increasingly appear from thousands of miles outside the US of A? The truth of the matter is that wherever the origins, there are some great bands turning out bluegrass-influenced music combined with the roots of their local heritage. Wire & Wool are definitely among them with their mix of original Celtic and Bluegrass music. Their self-titled album offers everything from Wire and Wool album coverthoughtful intricate instrumentation and meaningful ballads to lightning-fast lyrics and breakneck tunes.

Taking the best of Americana bluegrass and Scottish Celtic music, Wire & Wool create a musical fusion, which reveals the mixers included in the concoction - elements of punk, Americana ballad, Celtic heritage, touches of blues and pretty much anything else they consider a good fit with their sound. This diversity pours through songs like ‘What Would Eric Say?’, ‘The Widower’, ‘Borderland’ and ‘Baltimore’. There’s a reputation being built with this music and if you haven’t heard Wire & Wool, then do yourself a favour, seek them out and get hold of the album.

Wire & Wool are Mark Hand (mandolin, vocals) Alex Riach (fiddle, vocals) Jimmy Buchan Wright (banjo, vocals) Hazel Martin (fiddle, vocals) Theo Barnard (guitar, vocals) James Hall (double bass, vocals) and Barry Nisbet (fiddle, vocals) with Steph Fraser (guest backing vocals ‘Borderland’ and ‘Bound To Roam’).


Review: Tom Franks

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