‘Fixing My Head’ by Simon Linsteadt - more expansive, the ‘look’ wider, the reach further

(August 01, 2016)

A self-titled debut solo album from Simon Linsteadt arrived at the start of the year, and now mid-year a second solo album makes an appearance. Singer-songwriter and guitarist with San Francisco band Steep Ravine, Simon Linsteadt_fixing_my_headLinsteadt’s album ‘Fixing My Head’ still contains slices of soft American folk but there’s now a harder-edged feel to some of the songs. The perceptive lyrics, fragile honesty and subtly-crafted melodies remain but now the view is more expansive, the ‘look’ wider, the reach further. The intricate acoustic guitar-work remains but there’s a feeling this time that Linsteadt’s allowed his multi-instrumental abilities ‘off the leash’ taking the musical integrity of ‘Fixing My Head’ to a higher plane.

And when you’ve journeyed through ‘Fixing My Head’ you’ll find exactly what this album offers – a fix for what’s troubling you. Linsteadt’s vocals soar across his range from soft to insistent, his touch on strings and keys eases out every ounce of expression - from ‘Hold On’ to ‘No Hangovers In Heaven’ through ‘Or The Highway’ to ‘Nostalgia’ this music reaches out. And if I were pushed to decide on a favourite then it would have to be the title track ‘Fixing My Head’. This album has played continuously for days in the Franks-mobile and every journey has become another chance to fix my head.


Review: Tom Franks

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