‘No Smaller Than The World’ by Broom Bezzums - tradition with originality, histories with narratives

(August 02, 2016)

Released almost a year ago in Germany, Broom Bezzums, aka Mark Bloomer and Andrew Cadie release their album ‘No Smaller Than The World’ in the UK on 26th August 2016. Established in Germany as a leading folk duo, far too many people in the UK remain unaware of their music, Broom Bezzums 001hopefully this album and a return tour will go some way to change that. The music of Broom Bezzums owes much to Bloomer’s Black Country heritage and Cadie’s Northumbrian roots, combining tradition with originality, histories with narratives ... the result seamlessly presented on ‘No Smaller Than The World’.

Making much of its blended instrumental weave and the duo’s rich, complementary voices, with precise vocal accents added by Katie Doherty, this album has both reach and depth. It opens with Bloomer’s darkly ominous ‘Cold Winds Blow’ and Cadie’s maritime influenced ‘Keep Hauling’ ahead of the ‘Ashgill Force Rant’ instrumental and Doherty’s potent ‘Passing Through’. ‘No Smaller Than The World’ will gain your undivided attention and hold it ... classic folk music at its best. Among the 15 tracks that make up the album is a powerful version of ‘High Germany’, a traditional Northumbrian song ‘Bonny At Morn’, an incredibly moving ‘Down By The River’, a cover of Jez Lowe’s ‘Bare Knuckle’, another instrumental outing with ‘Hen In The Pen’ before the distressing message of ‘The Drawbridge’.

Bringing ‘No Smaller Than The World’ to life are Mark Bloomer (vocals, guitar, mandola, drums, cajon, percussion) Andrew Cadie (vocals, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar, Northumbrian pipes, trumpet, piano) and Katy Doherty (vocals) with the added talents of a host of musicians and vocalists.

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