‘Symbiosis’ from Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton - interdependence and faultless collaboration

(August 08, 2016)

Rarely has an album been so aptly named, ‘Symbiosis’ from Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton takes the considerable skills of both and joins them in way that lays out a synergy of thought and expression. Recorded ‘almost live’ the Symbiosis album coverinterdependence and faultless collaboration is both clear and evident. This is one of those albums that quite simply holds the listener rapt ... you don’t want to move away from the sound for one minute for to do so might break the spell ... and that’s precisely what ‘Symbiosis’ offers, an enchantment that holds you under its sway.

Both with a compelling musical heritage, composer and musician Ross Ainslie and multi-instrumentalist Ali Hutton take ‘Symbiosis’ through meandering avenues of music, from flowing and soothing to insistent and vibrant. Pipes and whistles, strings and percussion in perfect synergy. Tune sets like ‘Sisters’ and the evocative ‘Grans’, the enthusiasm zest of ‘Pongu’ and ‘Wan’ lead you through a maze of melodies and rhythms that enthral.

‘Symbiosis’ releases on 14 August 2016 and features Ali Hutton (Highland pipes, whistles, guitar, tenor guitar, harmonium) Ross Ainslie (border pipes, whistles, cittern, banjo, harmonium) Duncan Lyall (double bass, electric bass, Moog) Martin O’Neil (bodhran) and Gus Sicard (Pipe Band snare drum). Website:

Review: David Pierce-Arland

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