‘The Angel’s Share’ - Dana and Susan Robinson - lose yourself in this timeless music

(August 18, 2016)

‘The Angel’s Share’, the latest album from Dana and Susan Robinson takes me back to places I’ve visited and makes me want to visit places I’ve yet to see. It resonates with today and remembers The Angels Share Dana and Susan Robinsonyesterday. Let me explain. In this album that mixes originals with ‘traditionals’, and blends contemporary with tradition in a way that brings both to life, there’s a familiarity that reaches out and touches you. It’s easy to lose yourself in this timeless music – it could be from anywhere and ‘anywhen’ – mixing old-time mountain, country blues, Celtic and Cajun with respected heritage and insightful origination.

With a string of recordings behind them, with ‘The Angel’s Share’ they walk perfectly between understanding and reflecting, making observations and asking questions. Listen to original songs like ‘River Flows On’, ‘John Muir’s Walking Blues’ or ‘The Emigrant’ and the depth of their concern and involvement is obvious. Their respect for tradition comes through songs like ‘Five Miles From Town’ and ‘Man Of Constant Sorrow’, while ‘The Angel’s Share’ and ‘Loose The Ties’ demonstrate an effective and accomplished songwriter at work.


Review: Tom Franks

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