‘The Pilot and the Flying Machine’ Ben Bedford - impressions, experience and sharp examination

(September 03, 2016)

The fourth in an occasional series of albums, ‘The Pilot and the Flying Machine’ shows the The Pilot and the Flying Machine album covercontinuing development of Ben Bedford as a songwriter. The essence of the man still remains - those troubadour vocals, poignant song delivery, observational perspicacity – and all combine to create an album that ranges through travelling in hope, dealing with doubt, realising the distance between and understanding the purpose of the journey. The songs on ‘The Pilot and the Flying Machine’ hold the listener with their narrative lyrics and Bedford’s capabilities as an engaging storyteller.

Bedford ranks among those singer-songwriters that use their art to reflect through personal impressions, wider experience and sharp examination the true self of their nation and its struggles with an examination that’s both personal and public. The songs that touch the most include ‘The Pilot and the Flying Machine’, ‘The Fox’, the intensely personal ‘The Voyage of John and Emma’ and the sadness of ‘Blood on Missouri’.

Musicians on ‘The Pilot and the Flying Machine’ are Ben Bedford (acoustic guitar, vocals) Kari Bedford (harmony vocals) Diederik van Wassenaer (violin, vocals) Ethan Jodziewicz (double bass).


Review: Tom Franks

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