‘NEWiD’ from Allan Yn Y Fan - strikingly beautiful music played by accomplished musicians

(September 07, 2016)

There’s a new album from Welsh band Allan Yn Y Fan, called ‘NEWiD’, which serves its purpose in both Welsh and English (Newid is a Welsh word for ‘change’, and although it stretches the point somewhat, it could in English NEWiD album coverstand for ‘New ID’ because there’s new musicians in the Allan Yn Y Fan line-up - told you it was stretching the point.) Semantics aside, ‘NEWiD’is a fine example of folk music from the land of the red dragon with a combination of tradition and original tunes and songs, delivered in both Welsh and English - and worry not if you don’t have the Welsh language, the beauty of its sung word demands nothing more than to listen to its poetry.

So what do you get on ‘NewiD’? There’s traditional Welsh songs like ‘Marwnad yr Ehedydd’, ‘Can Merthyr’ and ‘Dafyyd Y Garreg Wen’, folk dance and ‘tune tradition’ represented by ‘Sbaen Wenddydd’, ‘Dwr Glan’ and ‘Pibddawns Y Mwnci’, with originals including Kate Strudwick’s delightful ‘Tune for Lillian’ and ‘Bishop of Llandaff’s and Frank Hennessey’s Kairdiff Quicksteps’ from Chris Jones. All in all, an album of strikingly beautiful music played by accomplished musicians and capable of touching your soul, making you dance with joy - or both.

Allan Yn Y Fan are Catrin O’Neill (lead vocals, bodhran) Chris Jones (accordion, flute, low whistle, vocals) Alan Cooper (fiddle) Linda Simmons (mandolin, mandola, bodhran, vocals) Kate Strudwick (flute, alto flute, recorders, whistle, vocals) and Geoff Cripps (guitar, bass, bouzouki, vocals) with on selected tracks Diane Esplin (cello) and Robert Idwal Jones (drums).

'NEWiD’ releases 16September 2016. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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