‘Voices’ from Ranagri - an essential symbiotic interaction between the musicians

(September 23, 2016)

There’s little to use as a point of reference when you discuss the sound create by Ranagri ... stunning, dazzling, remarkable ... any of those will do, however the overriding word is different; and you could throw Voices from Ranagriexciting in there too. Dónal Rogers, Eliza Marshall, Jean Kelly and Tad Sargeant produce a blend of tradition and innovation that takes familiar songs towards new horizons and forges creative compositions into something that’s dramatic, original and certainly worth taking time to get to know.

Their album ‘Voices’ reveals all that and more, from an inventive rendition of ‘High Germany’ through originals such as ’I Wonder’, ‘Idris’ and ‘You Can Do It Better’ an inventive weave of rhythms and striking melodies build around musicians that clearly understand and represent their art. The title track ‘Voices’ is quite splendid as is ‘The Rhythm Takes You Back’ .To create an album overflowing with such originality demands more than musical dexterity and a reciprocal approach, it needs an essential symbiotic interaction between the musicians, and that’s what makes ‘Voices’ so captivating.

And the name? Between the Wicklow Mountains and County Carlow in Ireland, lies a haven of natural beauty, peace and contemplation called Rathnagrew (pronounced Ran-ag-rye), so now you know. Dónal Rogers (vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, percussion) Eliza Marshall (flute, bass flute, whistles, bansuris, shakuhachi) Jean Kelly (electric harp, Irish harp) and Tad Sargeant (bodhrán, bouzouki).


Review: Tim Carroll

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