‘Waves Rise From Quiet Water’ from Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach - innovation and improvisation

(October 19, 2016)

The essence of this album is an all-pervading sense of working through the depths of tradition with the added spice of innovation and improvisation, which takes it to an inspiring level. The musicianship is enthralling as are the original Waves Rise album covercompositions. The foundation of ‘Waves Rise From Quiet Water’ is the weave, texture and interplay between piano and fiddle augmented by tenor guitar, accordion and Fender Rhodes. Add to that some captivating vocals from Kim Carnie and you have the sum of ‘Waves Rise From Quiet Water’.

Then again, that sum is the product of its components and therein lies so much of the attraction. From ‘A Thank You Won’t Pay The Fiddler’ through a beguiling take on Kate Rusby’s ‘Sleepless Sailor’, ‘Dornie’ an engrossing piano composition by Peach, the forward-looking drum-programing edged ‘The Last Mile’ and the encompassing title track ‘Waves Rise From Quiet Water’ this album exercises a subtle but powerful hold.

‘Waves Rise From Quiet Water’ is performed by Charlie Grey (fiddle, tenor guitar, vocals) and Joseph Peach (piano, accordion, Fender Rhodes) with Kim Carnie (vocals) and Mattie Foulds (drum programming).


Review: Charlie Elland

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