‘Go Together’ - Two’s Company - eminently listenable

(October 27, 2016)

A folk duo is hardly likely to break new ground, after all the formula is well-tried, so there’s nowhere else to go - well perhaps. The combination of David Jenkinson and Alice Baillie, with cello-mandolin, guitar, Go Together Twos Companyflute and piccolo, conjoined with startlingly clear vocals offers a mixture that certainly holds the ear. The product is another blend - that of tradition with origination, certainly not earth shattering but in this case, executed to a high standard, which means ‘Go Together’ delivers much worth hearing.

Two’s Company create some fine arrangements, pairing traditional tunes and lyrics with versions of ‘Cupid the Ploughboy’, ‘The Broomfield Hill’ and ‘Will You Go, Lassie, Go?’ they also write originals that sit firmly ‘in the tradition’ with songs like ‘Bobby’, ‘Three Rivers’ and ‘In Praise of Darkness’, and to hear the calibre of their instrumental combination listen to their rendition of English dance tunes with ‘Winterfall’ and their own composition, ‘Island Tunes’. Nothing wildly singular but solid, well-performed, eminently listenable music - and for my money, they’re at their strongest when Alice takes lead vocal and David relies on his dexterity with the strings.


Review: Charlie Elland

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