‘Tall Tales And Rumours’ - Luke Jackson - pervading darkness broken by moments of hope

(November 18, 2016)

The latest album from Luke Jackson is yet one more outing for that distinctive voice, with narrative skill and the ability to craft songs of diverse and absorbing edge. ‘Tall Tales And Rumours’ leads through a shifting catalogue of expression of sonorous acapella, emotional blues, acoustic folk and subtle rock to deliver tales of longing and darkness, shadows and fear.Luke Jackson Tall Tales and Rumours 

The first three tracks show the scope of this work, from the solemn tones of ‘The Man That Never Was’ through the gutsy and sultry ‘Treat Me Mean, Keep Me Keen’, to the profound, emotive sorrow in ‘Finding Home’. Those that know Jackson’s work will find more expanse and perhaps a deeper blues feel in this album, those new to this outstanding artist will find their attention utterly captured. Jackson’s voice pushes the blues-power of ‘Anything But Fate’ before pouring out the darkness of ‘I Remember’ and the disturbing ‘Aunt Sally’ before the jazz-inflected ‘Kansas’ lifts the mood.

‘Tall Tales And Rumours’ has a pervading darkness, occasionally broken by moments of hope but those are directions that suit Jackson’s voice, giving full range to his ability to express a story.


Review: Tom Franks

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