‘Across The Water’ - Nicola Beazley and Alex Cumming - classic folk with a distinctive edge

(November 26, 2016)

Mixing scintillating self-penned tunes from the inspired fiddle of Nicola Beazley and traditional songs from England, America and Australia with Alex Cumming’s dexterity on accordion and classic ‘folk voice’ ‘Across The Water’ is pretty much required fare for lovers of traditional folk music with across the Water 001edge. Seafaring narratives of love and loss sit comfortably alongside tales of Australian bushrangers and sheepshearers as fiddle and accordion dance through a series of tune sets. Listening to ‘Across The Water’ takes you deep into the tradition and then there’s that ‘edge’ – little nuances and flourishes that both expand and embellish the tunes and songs – that enable this duo to make the music they play very much their own.

Their take on an old favourites like ‘Bonnie Ship The Diamond’ and ‘Billy Taylor’ benefit from both these fine musicians’ skills and Cumming’s engaging vocals, the same is true of ‘Streets Of Forbes’, ‘Lachlan Tigers’ and ‘Bold Fisherman’. Add to that the delights of tune sets ranging from Beazley’s original ‘Bethan’s’ through ’The Breakfast Set’, the step-inducing ‘Enrico’ and the simply beautiful and entirely delightful ‘Across The Water’.

Classic folk with a distinctive edge, ‘Across The Water’ releases on Haystack Records


Review: Charlie Elland

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