‘Tirade’ from Eddie and Luc “... fine piece of work, worth taking the time to appreciate”

(December 08, 2016)

Sometimes the stars synchronise and moments fall into place with startling yet not unexpected results. The coming together of Eddie Seaman and Luc McNally as a duo is one of those ‘happenstances’ that Eddie and Luc Tirade 001was probably destined to occur. Their first musical outing as a duo was the EP ‘Headlights’ and now comes their album ‘Tirade’, which by any standards is a fine piece of work and well worth taking the time to appreciate.

Mixing the strands of tradition with inventive arrangements, and forging the blend into a collection of tune sets and songs, self-penned, begged, borrowed and discovered, ‘Tirade’ takes you through blistering ‘how do they play that fast?’ tunes, gently appealing airs and quietly reflective songs. The opening rush of ‘Angry Piper’s Tirade’ sweeps you along at a breath-taking pace, the poignant songs ‘Harry Brewer’ and ‘Here’s The Tender Coming’ tells their immensely moving tales of sorrow and loss, the jaunty humour of ‘Not Enough Triplets’ catches just the right quality, while the powerful presence of ‘Johnny MacDonald’s’ is as dramatic as it is stirring.

Playing on ‘Tirade’ are Eddie Seaman (Highland bagpipes, whistles, bouzouki) and Luc McNally (guitar, vocals) with help on selected tracks from Gus Stirrat (double bass) Iain Copeland (drums, darabuka) and Madeline Stewart fiddle)


Review: Tim Carroll

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