‘The Tinker’s Dream’ from Chris Murphy - infused with a singular drive

(December 17, 2016)

There’s a freshness and vivacity to the music of Chris Murphy ... and his latest album, ‘The Tinker’s Dream’ fairly flies along, The Tinkerinfused with a singular drive that pours out of both the ‘fast’ and the ‘slow’. Whether you’re dragged from your chair by the reeling pace of ‘Connemara Ponies’ or seduced into the embrace of the slow air ‘Union of Seven Brothers’ this is original Irish fiddle music of consummate skill and inventiveness.

The tunes and songs on ‘The Tinker’s dream’ all come from the seemingly bottomless well that is Murphy’s creative drive. His empathy with tradition is self-evident, as his ability to take the threads of tradition and weave them into something that’s both brimming with heritage and sharply contemporary. This music pulls in the power of folk rock, and combines folk narrative with tunes to for executing your best ‘step’. Listen to ‘The Tinker’s Dream’ jig, ‘The Artful Dodger’ hornpipe or ‘The Thistlewood Bridge’ and your feet can’t help but move, absorb the dramatic ‘Gibraltar 1988’ and your soul moves too, then share in the roaring tales of ‘Wicklow’ and ‘Cape Horn’ you’re right there with the protagonists.

This album proves that whichever side of the Atlantic your dreams reside Irish fiddle music has a champion and a protector in Chris Murphy.

The band playing on ‘The Tinker’s Dream’ are Chris Murphy (lead vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar, percussion)  Nate Lapointe (guitar) Tom Moose (mandolin, guitar) Trevor Hutchinson (bass) Andy Reilly (bodhran, drums, percussion) Zac Leger (bouzouki, guitar, flute, penny whistle) and Marcus Blake (harmony vocals) with help on selected tracks from DJ Bonebrake, Adam Gust, Ted Russell Kamp, Tont Byrne, Patrick D’Arcy, Greg Andreson, Lou Fanucchi, Jamieson Trotter and Robbie Gennet.


Review: Tim Carroll

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