‘All In Always’ by Laura Cortese - inspired by enigmatic international meetings

(December 15, 2016)

I’m not always a fan of entirely instrumental albums, somehow the inclusion of songs or narrative breaks up the flow and allows you time to absorb different textures. Then again, when an album comes with as many different consistencies as ‘All In Always’ All In Alwaysfrom Laura Cortese that observation flies out the window. This is a collection of tunes inspired by explorations into the music of Spain, Sweden and Quebec, a collection taking in the influences of those musical cultures with a sweep and soar that brings them to you and in turn takes you to them.

The vibrancy of creativity runs through ‘All In All’ from start to finish and the result is radically different morphing with distinctly similar, a cross section of innovation and inventiveness that, although the roots are different the branches eave together perfectly.  Taken from three sessions the Galician, the Swedish and the Quebecois, the tunes are dispersed throughout the album so your journey takes flight from one session to another. From ‘Naked in Nigardsvatnet/ All-In Allted’ and ‘Right Where You Want Me’ through ‘La Petie Marche/Life is Good Jig/ The Physicist’ and ‘Far Bright Star/ The Road Home’ to ‘Ondas E Chairas’ and ‘November Umbrella/ The Painter Gas Reel’ there’s spectacular moments laid down for you to share.

Throughout the album, Laura Cortese plays fiddle, while the artists on the sessions are Galician session: Xose Liz (bouzouki) Anxo Pintos (zanfona) Chisco Feijoo (voice e pandeira), Swedish session: Jonas Bleckman (cello) Adam Johansson (guitar) Jens Linell (tambourine) Quebecois session: Yann Falquet (guitar, melodeon, jaw harp) Pierre-Luc Dupuis (melodeon, chromatic harp, podorythmie) Dominic Desrochers (gigue).


Review: Charlie Elland

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