‘Every Soul’s A Sailor’ – Stephen Fearing – experience of the voyage, the people, places

(December 14, 2016)

Sometimes an album will take you on a journey, through that time when travelling is somehow more Every Soul A Sailorimportant than arriving. The experience of the voyage, the people, places and experiences of the road, all offer far more relevance to some people than the destination. If you’re one of those footloose folk, then ‘Every Soul’s A Sailor’ from Stephen fearing will be the one for you. Changing throughout like the variable weather on a voyage, the music on this album moves through folk, rock, roots and while reflecting on paths taken and travels made.

The punch of ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ and rock offensive of ‘Blowhard Nation’ is softened by the longing of ‘Red Lights In The Rain’ and ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’. Fearing has a voice that matches the mood-shift of his songs from hard edged and insistent to yearning and filled with an audible ache. The revelation of truth and acceptance in ‘Love The Deal’ and ‘Love Like Water’ perfectly sets up the deep-seated honesty of the closer ‘Every Soul’s A Sailor’.

Playing alongside Fearing (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar) are John Dymond (bass) Gary Craig (drums, percussion) and David Travers Smith (horns|) with special guest Rose Cousins (harmony vocals)


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