‘Protest For Dummies’ - Steve White & The Protest Family - alive and kicking, mostly kicking

(December 16, 2016)

Acerbic, cynical, sarcastic and predominantly pissed off with what they see around them, Steve White and The Protest family have released their third studio album ‘Protest For Dummies’. Have you ever wanted to express your feelings for government, the monarchy, politics in general and the plight of anyone without a title, mortgage–free home and enough money to pay for a hospital wing with small change? You have? Then listen to this album and you will be ready to join the ranks of protesters, against almost downloadanything that causes your ire to rise.

Steve White & The Protest Family deliver their protest with an aggressive punk-folk vibe, overlaid with heavy doses of satire, include utterly non-PC lyrics, sprinkled liberally with sardonic humour, and expletives expressly not deleted ... and there you have ‘Protest For Dummies’. As ever, the vocals are hard as nails and full-on with nothing and no one safe ... from the Queen, the Tories and Saint George to Donald Trump, Iain Duncan Smith and Johnny Rotten ... each is put firmly under the Protest family microscope.

Acoustic folk-punk, detailed narrative, acapella observation and ripping guitar cuts - with ‘Protest For Dummies’ Steve White & The Protest Family prove once again that protest is alive and kicking, ready to lash out and still full of fire - but in their case mostly kicking.


Review: Charlie Elland

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