‘Live’ from Startijenn - Breton music, vibrant, powerful and pulsing with life

(January 04, 2017)

Meaning ‘energy’ in the Breton language, Startijenn is certainly aptly named, because their driving Breton music is vibrant, powerful and pulsing with life. Their latest album ‘Live’ takes you inside their high energy Startijenn Liveperformance, which blends the presence of traditional Breton music with contemporary influences including rock and jazz to create a spellbinding sound that washes over you and sweeps you along.

The band delivers its music through a fusion of traditional and modern instruments to form a unique sound. Tradition is represented by the Binioù bagpipe, the bombard a double-reed instrument widely used in traditional Breton music, plus the uilleann-pipes and diatonic accordion, add to that mix, a rhythm section of bass and guitar and Startijenn ‘Live’ is a stunning piece of original material. The tunes sweep and soar across your ears, evoking the depth and dynamism of Breton music. Taking the energy implicit in Breton folk dance through the styles of an dro, hanter dro, gavotte and fisel, Startijenn layers their music into a melange of sound. The overall effect is both hypnotic and compelling, holding the listener tight in its embrace.

Startijenn are Tangi Oillo (guitars) Julien Stévenin (bass) Youenn Roue (bombards) Lionel Le Pagebiniou, uilleann-pipes) and Tangi Le Gall-Carré(button accordion).


Review: Charlie Elland

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