‘Bluebirds’ by Cup O’Joe - I would bet the album can’t be far behind

(January 09, 2017)

The distinct and powerful influence of solid bluegrass added to a healthy dose of folk, combines with a strong streak of innovation to flow decidedly through the music of Cup O’Joe. Their EP ‘Bluebirds’ evokes echoes of a Cup O Joe Bluebirds EPland slightly further afield than their Northern Irish roots and conjures both the spirit and the heritage of their chosen style. Then again, that’s not too surprising, as they gained some pretty powerful international recognition at the IBMA festival in North Carolina.

This trio of siblings Tabitha (banjo, vocals) Benjamin (upright bass, vocals) and Reuben Agnew (guitar, mandolin, vocals) lay down some inspiring tunes - from the opening ‘Bluebirds’ replete with banjo, guitar and tight harmonies, through the gentle ‘Pretty Fair Maid’ to the blisteringly tight ‘Blackwaterfoot’ it’s obvious there’s a lot more to follow and ‘Tell Me Darling’ provides exactly that with its musical depth and evocative vocals.

If this is the calibre of their EP, then I would bet the album can’t be far behind.


Review: Tom Franks

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