‘So Much To Defend’ Chris Wood “... raw, unblinking honesty, social commentary, personal reflection”

(January 10, 2017)

There’s something intense working its way through the songs Chris Wood writes ... each one close enough in its commentary to be part of your own life, each one brim full with fearless and when needed, savage So Much To Defend Chris Woodobservation. Here is a man that speaks his own mind and in doing so brings so many individual’s feelings and emotions into a sharper focus, sometimes closer than many might care to experience.

His latest album ‘So Much To Defend’ ably demonstrates his skill as a song writer, performer and composer. There is no adornment. Nothing superfluous. What remains is raw, unblinking honesty, social commentary, personal reflection, perceptive examination. Above it all there’s the combined muscle of words and music, delivered by a voice that conveys every moment, degree and trace of meaning. The title song ‘So Much To Defend’ illustrates a ordinary world-view with powerful presence, the unconditional love encapsulated in ‘This Love Won’t Let You Fall’ reaches anyone who ever watched a child grow, while ‘Only A Friendly’ takes the ordinary to places many will recognise.

‘So Much To Defend’ is one of those albums that will stay with you long after the music fades. Chris Wood uses his songs to take his audience on a journey, leading them into revealing places ... songs like ‘Strange Cadence’ and ‘The Shallow End’ examine how perception becomes reality, and to close the precise understanding of ‘You May Stand Mute’.

Playing on ‘So Much To Defend’ are Chris Wood (vocals, guitar, percussion) Gary Walsh (Hammond) Justin Mitchell (flugelhorn) and martin Butler (piano).


Review: Tim Carroll

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