‘More Than A Little’ - Adrian + Meredith - Americana with added edge

(January 15, 2017)

Hard as it may be to imagine old-time folk mashed together with a strong essence of punk, moulded with touches of jumping rock and roll, then augmented with a suggestion of jazzy drives and breaks, that’s precisely what you More Than A Little album coverget from the combination of Adrian + Meredith.

This is folk Americana with added edge, old time with new life breathed in, and the angst of punk. This is music that refuses to be anything but itself. Any description can only come close because to really get the message you have to listen to ‘More Than A Little’ – and when you do there’s every chance it’s going to stick with you for some considerable time.

'More Than A little’ arrives armed with memorable songs like ‘Take A Boat’ andBirthday Cakes’, observational songs like the eponymous ‘More Than A Little’ and ‘Greasy Coat + Kitchen Girl’ and the driving ‘Get What She Wants’. It’s an album that asks for nothing yet gives much.


Review: Tom Franks

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