‘Night Thief’ from Levi Cuss – tough and uncompromising

(January 16, 2017)

There’s a visceral feel to ‘Night Thief’ from Levi Cuss that gives this album an insistent edge that’s difficult to ignore. Fire Night Thief album coverup the CD and the rawness is there to hear. This album comes hard and rough, no soft edges here, no takin’ it easy. The lyrics are tough, their uncompromising accusative style cuts straight to the chase. The music cuts its own groove with driving guitar breaks and a percussive presence that pulses its way through the background. Add a voice that ranges through struggle to assertion, sorrow and regret to honest stripped bare revelation and you have the strength and power of ‘Night Thief’.

The punch of ‘Red City River’ sits alongside the mournful ‘Pills’ while songs like ‘Tecumseh’, ‘Murder Of Crows’ and ‘Divide’ come with their own primal essence that serves up more attention-grabbing enticement. ‘Night Thief’ from Levi Cuss pours blues, folk and rock together into a heady brew that needs to be consumed. Try it, you’ll love it.


Review: Tom Franks

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