‘Dorado’ by Son Of The Velvet Rat - mix of haunting lyrics, smooth-as-silk melodies, aching vocals

(January 17, 2017)

The interaction of husband and wife duo Georg and Heike is, if their album ‘Dorado’ is anything to go by, charged with emotion and primed to deliver a heady mix of haunting lyrics, smooth-as-silk melodies, aching vocals and poetry. Going Dorado album coverunder the name of Son Of The Velvet Rat, they deliver an unusual sound that ranges between deeply mournful and quietly pensive. The thought behind this album reflects through the latent power of the songs, each one hovering in that place designed to make you think and each one ready to take you there.

There’s a ‘living’ theatrical style within the delivery of Son Of The Velvet Rat. There’s darkness, realisation and somewhere deep inside enduring hope. ‘Dorado’  is a provider of imagery that steadily builds as the album develops.

This is no concept album but song to song there’s a narrative touch that holds the whole album together. Having listened to it there’s every chance you will feel as though you’ve just finished a deeply affecting novel. Equally there’s no chance of feeling ‘that’s that’ – you will want to go back to the beginning – songs like ‘Copper Hill’, ‘Blood Red Shoes’, ‘Surfer Joe’ and the sultry ‘Sweet Angela’ make certain you’ll want to experience it all again.


Review: Tom Franks

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