’Beginnings’ from Hannah Rarity - decidedly beautiful and captivating

(January 26, 2017)

Listening to Hannah Rarity's gently intoxicating voice is one of those simple pleasures that you’ll want to repeat, safe in the knowledge that listening to her glorious vocals can do you nothing but good. Her debut EP ’Beginnings’ offers six tracks from interpreted tradition Hannah Rarity Beginningsthrough lovingly rendered cover to self-penned originals ... and the result is a decidedly beautiful and captivating piece of work.

Traditional tracks, arranged by Hannah and her band, include the many-versioned tale of a Highland Scot mistaken for an Irishman ‘Erin Go Bragh’, the oft-sung ‘Miller Tae My Trade’ and ‘Pretty Saro’ an English song rediscovered in America. Hannah delivers an incredibly exquisite interpretation of Andy M. Stewart’s ‘Where Are You Tonight’ coupled with two original compositions ... the perfect reassurance of ‘Anna’s Lullaby’ and richness of ‘Stevenson’s’.

As stated on many occasions, if an EP leaves you wanting more, the artist has achieved their objective. The minute ‘Beginnings’ finishes you have to hit ‘replay’ ... because Hannah has a voice that you must hear again. How long to wait before the album arrives? Not too long I hope. Playing on ‘Beginnings’ alongside Hannah Rarity (vocals) are Innes White (guitar, keys) Sally Simpson (fiddle, viola) and Conal McDonagh (whistle).


Review: Tim Carroll

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