’Too Many Ghosts’ from Mike Grogan - songs that drive home their message and remain a long time

(January 27, 2017)

The latest album, ’Too Many Ghosts’  from Mike Grogan (releases on 10 February 2107) is as expected ... a blend of folk and rock, with perceptive humanity-focused lyrics, a rough-edged world-weary voice delivering ten original and memorable songs. Whatever words you chase to describe his work, the simple fact is GroganMike rogan album cover writes songs that drive home their message and once heard remain a long time.

From the solo album ‘Heaven’s Light’ released in 2012, to the 2014 the album ‘Make Me Strong’, Grogan established himself as an accomplished dealer in words. His ability to mould a song around some of the most apposite lyrics is an underlying strength. To truly understand that comment, take time to listen to ‘Too Many Ghosts’ you will be pleased that you did. From the powerful essence of ‘Show Them What Love Can Do’ and the piercing understanding of the title track ‘Too Many Ghosts’ ... “Because not all angels are make believe, And not all strangers are new” to the raw honesty of ‘The Way’ and the benevolence of ‘Hallelujah’ ... a true love song or more accurately a song about true love without a trace of mawkishness in sight.

Whether expressing the gentle observations of his songs or punching out powerful sentiments, Grogan has with ‘Too Many Ghosts’ created an album that’s filled with compassion and empathy.

 ‘Too Many Ghosts’ features Mike Grogan (lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar) with help from Mike Tucker (backing vocals, electric guitar, percussion, duduk) John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick (keys, vibes, piano, strings, organ, sound FX) Phil Beer (acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin)  Miranda Sykes (backing vocals), Daniele Giovannoni (drums) James Eller (bass) Joseph O’Keefe (piano, violin) Chris Hoban (accordion, backing vocals) Mark Tucker (keys, strings, percussion).


Tim Carroll

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