‘Strata’ from Siobhan Miller - a classic piece of folk music

(February 04, 2017)

When you possess a voice with the clarity and purity of Siobhan Miller, you have the right to take the songs you choose to interpret in your own style from the widest sources. Her follow up to ‘Flight of Time’ arrives on 24 February and it’s called ‘Strata’ and that’s precisely what you get an album layered with superbly executed Strata album covercovers and beautifully interpreted tradition. I’m not given to overstatement, however in my view ‘Strata’ is a classic piece of folk music that anyone with an interest in the genre should endeavour to own.

Sobhan delivers some classically rearranged traditionals including ‘Banks Of Newfoundland’, ‘The Unquiet Grave’ ‘The Month of January’, ‘False, False’ and ‘Bonny Light Horseman’. Add to those personalised and perfectly executed covers from such as Si Khan with ‘What You Do With What You've Got’, Bob Dylan’s ‘One Too Many Mornings’, ‘Pound A Week Rise’ from Ed Pickford and Andy m. Stewart’s ‘The Ramblin’ Rover’- taken together, you have the calibre of this album.

Siobhan has assembled an enviable group of musicians, which includes some of Scotland’s finest, to help her deliver ‘Strata’ and on selected tracks they are Louis Abbott (drums, percussion) Aaron Jones (bouzouki, guitar, backing vocals) Euan Burton (double bass, electric bass) Roli Seaboard (Fender Rhodes, backing vocals) Kris Drever (guitar, vocals) Ian Carr (guitar)Tom Gibbs (piano, harmonium) Megan Henderson (fiddle, viola, backing vocals) Jack Smedley (fiddle, viola) Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle) Phil Cunningham (accordion) and Paul McKenna (backing, vocals)


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