‘Let Out The Dark’ from Adriana Spina - comes at you from a place of originality

(February 05, 2017)

There are distinct pluses and minuses to this job – the minuses involve wading through a lot of music, often hearing so much that sounds the same, the plus moments are when you find that unique difference you’ve been Let Out The Dark album coversearching for. ‘Let Out The Dark’ from singer and songwriter Adriana Spina is one of those albums – it comes at you from a place of originality forging an connection of Americana, folk and country that comes with its own distinct style.

‘Let Out The Dark’ is Adriana exploring the vagaries of lost love, misunderstanding, infidelity, spirituality and fearless examination of the multitude of human interactions. The depth of the album comes through its easy transference from thoughtful, longing beauty to potent ‘no prisoners’ expression. The music progresses through reflective thoughtful acoustics to gutsy guitar drive, power-percussive statement – from the striking ‘Home’, ‘Don’t Recognise Me’ and ‘Two Steps’ to the insistence of ‘Hear It From You’, ‘The Fall’ and ‘Disappear’.

‘Let Out The Dark’ is a visceral statement – sometimes making its point softly, sometimes grabbing attention.

Playing on Let Out The Dark’ are Adriana Spina (acoustic guitar, vocalsd) Stuart MacLeod (electric guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards) Ross McFarlane (drums) with Caitlin MacLeod and Francesco Spina (additional vocals). The album releases on 24 March 2017 on the Ragged Road label.


Review: Tom Franks

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