‘The Penny Collector’ from Carrie Elkin - makes so many connections on so many levels

(February 13, 2017)

Cutting deep with a raw righteousness born of experience, pushing hard to take each song to the heart of its audience, delivered by a voice that’s both earthy in its intensity and forthright in its honesty and fragile through its Carrie Elkin - The Penny Collectorrevelations – that’s ‘The Penny Collector’ from Carrie Elkin. Her songs are full of personal observations, reflections on character, places, people and moments in time. There is the baring of a soul, which reaches out to all of us- dealing with loss, understanding grief and celebrating the beauty of life whenever you find its magic.

The songs take your soul and leads you on a journey that although at times hard to handle, is one you’ll be glad you took – from ‘New Mexico’ and ‘Always On The Run’ through the power of ‘And The Birds Came’ and ‘Crying Out’ to the vividness of ‘My Brother Said’ and a fine take on Paul Simon’s ‘American Tune’.

Dedicated to Carrie’s father, she states that he “... had a way of finding value and delight in the tiny things” – the value of this album is its ability to connect. ‘The Penny Collector’ makes so many connections on so many levels – there is no doubt that it will connect with everyone that hears it.


Review: Tom Franks

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