‘ERA’ from Gary Innes “... view into the world of a master at work”

(February 28, 2017)

There are certain musicians whose music falls squarely into the ‘reliable as the sunrise’ yet at the same time ‘fresh as the morning dew’ categories. Hear their name, and you know that you’re in for a treat both with the familiar you recognise and innovations that sweep you away. Known among the ERA Gary Innesfounding members of Scottish band Mànran, Gary Innes has released his second solo album ERA’... and this album offers both in shovelfuls.

A wealth of tradition is woven into the richness of this music, evident from the first and throughout. There’s also the fearless freedom to invent and create something entirely fresh and new. In the man’s own words, ‘ERA’may encompass his reflections on ‘life starting to move in new directions’, it also looks around with fondness on foundations and beginnings, both close to home and wide-ranging. And that fairly sums up what you get with ‘ERA’ ... it serves up tunes that sparkle and entice including: ‘Yarra Wine Valley’ ‘Crazy Street’ and ‘The Highland Obama’,  tunes to touch the soul with their sheer gorgeousness, ‘TheRoad to Lochaber’ and ‘May Life Always Be Peachy’ and some stirring songs, the distinct anthemic feel of ‘The Caman Man’, the inherent love within ‘Zara’ and the supremely poignant ‘Our Heroes’.

‘ERA’ is more than one man’s reflections it’s a view into the world of a master at work.

The musicians and singers on ‘ERA’ come from the best of the Scottish music tradition - Gary Innes (accordion) Ali Hutton (guitars) Hamish Napier (keys, flute) Duncan Lyall (bass) Steve Byrnes (drums) and Ewen Henderson (fiddle) with Jarlath Henderson (uilleann pipes) Alec Dalglish (electric guitar) and Ali Hutton (Highland pipes) and voices, Siobhan Miller (‘Zara’) Alec Dalglish (‘Grace and Pride’) and Robert Robertson (‘The Caman Man’).


Review: Tim Carroll

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