‘Mutation’ from Monster Ceilidh Band “... a hypnotic, almost addictive presence”

(March 19, 2017)

For those that know, ‘Mutation’ offers as expected, yet with something new, for those that don’t, the latest album from Monster Ceilidh Band is like nothing you’ve heard before. Although I’m tempted to ask the location of the cave you live in if you haven’t come across their sound. The synthesis of traditional music and instruments with beat programming and dub-heavy bass ... probably the most unlikely of Mutation monster ceilidh band 001combinations ... quite simply works. And it works because the elements have been carefully fused, no atom smashing needed to make these disparate elements come together, this is pure alchemy.

Grasping the traditional expectations of ‘ceilidh’ firmly by the throat, Monster Ceilidh Band connect traditional dance with cutting edge electronic dance to create a hypnotic, almost addictive presence.  Their transmutation of music, albeit a seemingly magical process is more allied to a combination of understanding both styles coupled with a fearless desire to experiment. The tracks are more than pulse and beat however, acoustic lead-in morphs steadily into something completely different, as fiddle and accordion accents become saturated with pounding beats. Each track growing in presence as one drive feeds of another from ‘Venus’, to ‘Lusty’ through intriguingly titled ‘Mutated Beeswing’ and ‘All The Swingle Ladies’ to ‘Octopus’ and ‘Disgrace’ ... the interchange is infectious, remain immobile you cannot.

Although some traditionalists may baulk at the sound, Monster Ceilidh Band have with ‘Mutation’ given birth to something more than a departure from its parents, it is metamorphosis made from the best of both.

Monster Ceilidh band are David de la Haye (electric bass) Shona Mooney (fiddle) Grace Smith (fiddle) Kieran Szifris (octave mandolin) Amy Thatcher (piano accordion) and Joe Truswell (drums, programming).


 Review: Tim Carroll

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