‘Dance Of The Copper Trail’ by Oka Vanga - early expectations wholly justified

(March 19, 2017)

From their debut, ‘Pilgrim’, a vocal-free album of virtuoso acoustic guitar music, to the outstanding and moving narrative EP, ‘Tales of Eyam’, Oka Vanga now releases ‘Dance Of The Copper Trail’. Within Dance of the Copper Trailminutes it’s obvious how far this duo has come, equally, the longer you listen it’s clear there must be much more to follow. Angela Meyer and William Cox, aka Oka Vanga deliver their folk and roots style through outstanding musicianship and thoughtful composition together with emotive vocals to brings life to their songs.

The scope of ‘Dance Of The Copper Trail’ takes a mix of interpreted beliefs and legends expressed through original compositions, meaning-soaked, sparkling instrumentals plus a couple of traditional arrangements to make it a perfect blend. There’s the predictable ‘magical mystery’ of strings from this pairing and perhaps the less expected addition of Angela’s highly listenable voice. The highlights include the superstitions of ‘The Wicken Tree’, a superb rendition of ‘She Moved Through The Fair’, the instrumental ’Don’t Let The Clouds Roll In’, the tale of a female pirate in ‘The Devil’s Tide’ and the sorrowful ‘Rose Of The Hill’.

‘Dance Of The Copper Trail’ is Oka Vanga proving that early expectations were wholly justified ... the next chapter is awaited with baited breath.

Playing on the album are Angela Meyer (vocals, guitar) William Cox (guitar, ukulele, mandolin) Oliver Copeland (double bass) Patsy Reid (violin) and Mark Tucker (percussion).


Review: Tim Carroll

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