'Long Way From Home' - Madam Tsunami – could well ensure some enduring recognition

(April 03, 2017)

Some gently expressive acoustic folk augmented by a highly-listenable folk-pop feel with touches of pastoral meanderings and faintly wistful longing. That pretty much covers what you hear with Long Way From Home'Long Way From Home' from Madam Tsunami. There’s a distinct Celtic edge to this music, combined with a freshness that takes elements of tradition mixed with a freedom to write your own compositions. Although this is clearly a young band, there’s some touches of sixties folk appearing from time to time both musically and lyrically, which is neither intrusive nor incongruous, just evocative.

The result of this melting pot of influence and evidence ranges through an opening instrumental ‘Mana’, through the upbeat ‘Hold Me Close’, the finely fashioned ‘Man on the Run’, meandering beauty with ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Fray’, percussive enquiry of ‘Plot on the Moon’ and the somewhat darker feel of ‘Waiting for the Day’. 'Long Way From Home' features engaging melodies, inspired fiddle accents, memorable songs and builds itself into an album that could well ensure some enduring recognition.

Madam Tsunami are Adam Usmani (guitar, vocals) and Coralie Usmani (fiddle, vocals) with help from musicians Innes Cardno (guitar, mandolin) Ross Ainslie (pipes, whistle), Stewart Wilson (double bass) and Adrien Latge (vocals, drums)


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