‘Amaranthine’ from Christy Scott - a strongly appealing proposition

(April 11, 2017)

Take it different places, come at it from different angles, Scottish heritage always remains a powerful force. Although Christy Scott’s music clearly has a number of influences at work, the EP Amaranthine‘Amaranthine’ owes much to that enduring Scottish tradition, which shines through her work. The five tracks on offer make ‘Amaranthine’ a strongly appealing proposition, too short of course but it’s a start point and a pretty good one. Christy’s voice has an appealing, mellow richness that makes it easy to listen. Her music mixes folk with touches of soft rock, while her lyrics reveal deep thinking coupled with keen observation and a certain fearlessness in divulging personal feelings.

The tracks run from gentle celebrations with ‘Hearts Collide’, frank realisation in ‘Potion’, the weight of recognition within ‘Another Song About Another’, the uncertainty of ‘Flaws To Uncover’ and finally honesty and regret together in ‘Hope Street’.

Delivering ‘Amaranthine’ are Christy Scott (vocals) Madelieine Stewart (fiddle, vocals) Aidan Moodie (acoustic guitar, vocals) Davie Dunsmuir (electric guitars) Alice Allen (cello) Charlie Stewart (double bass) and Neil Paton (drum kit, percussion).


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