Self-titled debut from Meet George Brown - crosses and interlaces with so many genres

(April 21, 2017)

Here’s another album that evokes another time ... certainly, the music of Meet George Brown is of its day but each time I listen I can’t help finding myself back in the heady days of the late sixties. This album reflects the roots of gentle folk rock and pours out a memory of positivity that existed back in the day ... all perfectly transmitted by George Brown and the musicians on ‘Meet George Brown’.Meet George Brown album cover

Her self-titled debut mini-album or EP if you will, reflects a collection of influences ... there’s soothing Americana folk, touches of soft rock, even an edge of lyric-rich folk pop. Put it all together and it’s one of those albums that crosses and interlaces with so many genres that restrictive definitions do just that ... restrict the music by unnecessary classifications.

Easing into the album, ‘Paper Hearts (Dancing in the Wind)’ looks at passing time and encapsulates so much of George’s style, from there the pop-influenced ‘Heartbreaker’ brings up the pace with its infectious melody, until you’re lead into the reflective harmonies of ‘(For C&C)’, and sliding softly through a keyboard-drivenpath ‘The Afternoon Show’ comes complete with radio-announcer intro. There’s a contemplative look at lost love with ‘Apart From You’, before another soundbite introduces ‘What’s It Like In Denver Today’ with classic west-coast lyrical feel, sharp guitars, keyboards and pulsing drums ... another trip back in time. Probably another contestant for the ‘folk-not-folk’ debate, ‘Meet George Brown’ is best taken at face value ... and simply enjoyed.

Playing on ‘Meet George Brown’ are George Brown ((vocals, guitar, keyboards) Craig Coggle (drums) Jake Honeywill (bass) supported on selected tracks by Jordan Humber (electric guitar) Cassidy Coggle (percussion) and Judy “Groovejoy” Abraham (soundbite vocals).


Review: Tim Carroll

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