‘The Spiral Sky’ from Marvin B. Naylor - characteristic individuality

(May 05, 2017)

Inventive, idiosyncratic, inspirational - the work of Marvin B. Naylor has always beaten its own path through the expansive corridors of this thing called music - ‘The Spiral Sky’ is no exception. Marvin B Naylor The Spiral SkyThe melange moves through psych folk, expansive prog-effected explorations, experimental meanderings and pop-tinged echoes. As with all Naylor’s albums, there’s characteristic individuality that some will find hard to access while many will be pleased to exchange the mundane for Naylor’s brand of bizarre.

There’s a space-stimulated feel to this album, forged by multidimensional musical and layering of instrumentation, ‘Spaceships There Are’ sets the scene for such expectations, which continues with the faintly disquietingMoonsets Of Aerah’. There’s that familiar feeling of latent power to songs like ‘Brief Encounter’ and the catchy ‘Human God’ that steadily build from gentle beginnings to unanticipated crescendos. Always prepared to throw incongruity into the mix, Naylor delivers the delicate ‘Peter’s Place’ with (for Naylor) a more stripped back feel, the longing love in the pop-infused touch of ‘Ode To Peggy Christie’ and the singular ‘Talk Me To The Moon’. Closing with echoing piano ‘Second Movement’ follows the Naylor style of entering each song from left-field and adding layer after layer to reach the desired effect.

Not for all but for those in touch with Marvin B. Naylor’s world view, ‘The Spiral Sky’ reflects a man on his own particular journey of discovery – always evaluating, assessing and leaving you to draw your own conclusions.


Review: Charlie Elland

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