‘Off By Heart’ from Kevin Dempsey and Joe Broughton - ‘getting it just right’

(May 09, 2017)

There’s always interest in a new album from Dempsey Broughton. Will they retain that well-known disposition or move onto something new? The answer is always ‘yes’ to both questions,offbyheartcoversquare-1 which why their music is so well-loved. The deep veins of tradition pump through their work as does the unrestrained breath of innovation. The mix is always eclectic, the musicianship par excellence and their incisive lyrics always make you think.

There are nine tracks range on ‘Off By Heart’ – there’s poetry set to music, traditional narratives of love and politics (not necessarily in that order) and instrumentals ranging from mournful to sparkling. The intertwining of stories, observations and tunes, although each standing alone, flow together throughout this album - trad and original sitting perfectly side by side. The powerful poetry of Evangeline Paterson’s ‘ Resurrection Jack’, the enduring political relevance in ‘Wheels Of The World’, sit together with the intensity of ‘The Post Truth Reel’, while the inquisitive ‘Just Before the News’ leads into the outstanding impact of ‘De Pascale’.

To my ears this is a fine example of two musicians doing what they do best, or in their own words ‘getting it just right’. 


Review: Charlie Elland

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