‘The Tin Fiddle’ - Damien McGeehan - as distinctive as it is intriguing

(May 17, 2017)

The tin fiddle is, unsurprisingly a little known instrument. The result is a unique both in appearance and sound. Donegal fiddler of some repute, Damien McGeehan has released an album of music using his talents and a tin fiddle. Appropriately titled ‘The Tin Fiddle’, the album The Tin Fiddle album covermixes original and traditional tunes, to create an album that’s as distinctive as it is intriguing. The influences range far and wide and the result is an exploration of fiddle music, especially fascinating when you realise that this is McGeehan working on his own, layering as needed to achieve the overall effect.

From ‘O’Rourke’s Highland’, which introduces the instrument with plucked strings and percussive hand strokes, through an effervescent ‘Gravel Walks to Grannie’ and the noble tones of ‘Peadar O’Haoine’ to a combination of influence from Duke Ellington and gypsy music with ‘The Tinsmith’ this music is utterly fresh and inventive. The traditional tune ‘John Doherty’s Waltz’ receives an imaginative edge, ‘Hettie MacKenzie’s’ sweeps and soars, while as a pizzicato march ‘The Last Days of Summer’ struts-its-stuff with powerful assurance.

There’s much to enjoy with ‘The Tin Fiddle’ – listen and you will find it a distinct pleasure to join Damien McGeehan on this enticing tour around the tin fiddle.


Review: Charlie Elland

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