‘Rise Aurora’ from Rosie Hodgson - a striking album with something essential wrapped in its folds

(May 30, 2017)

The traditions of folk music have passed through both good and troubled times ... waxing and waning rising and falling in popular positioning with the years. However, the strength of rise-aurora-album cover-rosie-hodgsontraditional roots continue to reflect through the vitality of the shoots that adorn its branches ... now comes further tangible evidence of its enduring power. ‘Rise Aurora’ from the silken-voiced Rosie Hodgson proves that brilliant originality can work within the depths of tradition to deliver something both alive with inspiration and steeped in heritage. It also proves the folk tradition, both new and old is in good and safe hands.

Combining a vivid originality with lasting respect for inheritance, Roise has created an album that displays both her songwriting skills and undoubted vocal talents. She breathes life into her compositions, plus adds much to the works of Kipling, Bellamy and Burns. Opening with the beautiful and lingering ‘Path Into The Woods’, the ‘Bee Boy’s Song’ follows blending Kipling’s poetry with a Peter Bellamy tune, before the thoroughly gorgeous narrative of the original ‘Rise Aurora’ holds you rapt. The moving tale of a wise-woman is faultlessly delivered through ‘Woman Of The Woods’, the tradition of ‘The Cuckoo’ is coupled to verses from Rowan Piggott, the ages of tradition are given a contemporary edge with ‘Hush’ as once again, Rosie’s voice leads the listener into her song with consummate ease before Rosie and Piggott combine their voices with an unforgettable take on ‘Westlin Winds’.

‘Rise Aurora’ is a striking album with something so essential wrapped in its folds that it’s easy to say that this is a classic in the making.

‘Rise Aurora’ is performed by Rosie Hodgson (vocals, guitar) and Rowan Piggott (fiddle, guitar)


Review: Tim Carroll

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