‘Les Objets Trouvés’ from Kate & Raphaël - spirit of personal expression and individuality

(May 30, 2017)

Leading the ‘original’ to somewhere different can come close to unconventional, perhaps heading towards far-reaching, sometimes too close to experimental for some ... and yet ‘different’ does come with a freshness that demands attention. The latest album to head towards such definition is Les Objets Trouvés’ from Kate & Raphaël. Although the spirit of personal expression and individuality courses through this album it clearly feeds on sources of Kate & Raphael Les Objects Trouvestradition. The inspirations combine tradition and invention from both England and France, as Kate Young and Raphaël Decoster weave the souls of their respective heritages into an album that defies definition while creating its own image.

Kate’s voice rises and swoops across an intricate and intensely fashioned musical interlacing of innovative melodies rich with imagery and feeling. Throughout, there are elements of dance locked within the mix. Touches of musical poetry live alongside expressions both simple and complex. The whole coalescing into an aural experience of dramatic texture. The opening track ‘Caterpillars’ slides slowly into life, to be followed by the vivid ‘Jardin De Pamplemousse’ and ‘Mushrooms On The Moon’. The hypnotic ‘Tanz Tanz Tanz’ offers its magnetic attraction, while the solemn, almost sadness-tinged ‘Woolyboy & The Crying Mountain’ delivers with an enigmatic style, as does the poignant ‘Grey Blanket’. This is an album of invention, articulation and illustration that comes from somewhere quite different, which gives it a long-lasting appeal.

Playing on the album are Kate Young (fiddle, voice, mandolin, sansula) and Raphaël Decoster (diatonic accordion) with on selected tracks, Tim Lane (tongue drum, percussion, trombone) and Theo Kaiser (trumpet). ‘Les Objets Trouvés’ releases on 17th June.


Review: Tim Carroll

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