‘Shine A Light In The Dark’ from Fly Yeti Fly - a delicate, dreamy resonance

(June 06, 2017)

Once upon a time, a little piece of acoustic magic formed down in Devon and called itself Fly Yeti Fly. Comprised of intricately close, somewhat ethereal harmonies, mixed into softly intoned lyrics, over a subtle blend of mandolin, guitars and harmonica, the enchantment Fly Yeti Fly album coverreveals itself through their album ‘Shine A Light In The Dark’. This intriguingly named duo is the pairing of Lorna Somerville and Darren Fisher, who together deliver a delicate, dreamy resonance to express their original songs.

Their sound could easily belong to the fragile days of the psychedelic sixties, perhaps the American acoustics of the seventies or sit equally comfortably in today’s world, as the voices blend together through their delicate music, engaging in personal reflection and wider observation. There’s a gently bucolic essence coming through ‘Just A Shadow’ and ‘Fire and Water’, while overtones Americana influence ‘Drifiting By’, ‘Miles and Miles’ and ‘Already Gone’, there are even touches of psych-folk mixed into ‘Madaran’.

And that’s one of the strengths of this intimate album ... a mix of influence, which makes you want to listen, and listen again to catch each nuance.

Playing on ‘Shine A Light In The Dark’ are Lorna Somerville (voacls, guitar, mandolin) Darren Fisher (vocals, guitar, harmonica) with Alex Pearson (double bass) Jo Hooper (cello) Ania Job (flute) Gareth Jones (piano, glockenspiel) Amity Grace Fisher (Madaran’s fairy).


Review: Tim Carroll

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