‘Lost & Found’ by Elliot Morris - multi-layered mix of folk, rock, blues and country

(June 05, 2017)

A debut album tends to stick with an artist, no matter how they develop and progress. That’s why the debut is a crucial piece of work - ‘getting it right’ works wonders.  No worries here, Elliot Morris has most definitely ‘got it right’ it with ‘Lost & Found. That makes me particularly happy because back in 2012, I said about the EP ‘As The Waves Came In’; “... if the album that must surely follow has the assurance and poise of this offering then it’s going to make Lost and Found album coversome waves.” And with ‘Lost & Found’ the promise is fulfilled and the waves have begun.

There’s a multi-layered mix of folk, rock, blues and country that continues to defy restrictive definition. Indeed, it’s preferable to forget classification and go with the eclectic mix – from ‘The End of The World Blues’ through ‘I’m A Stranger’ and ‘Sirens’ to ‘Looking For Something That Isn’t There’  - everything simply falls into place just like it should. The accomplished percussive guitar technique is still there, as are the supremely memorable hooks and engaging lyrics. In fact, everything that made that EP stand out remains, only more so. The musical depth has increased. The songwriting matured. The production more comprehensive and tight. A progressive blend that takes its drive from long established roots

I also called that EP ‘a fine appetiser’ and asked: “When comes the main course?” Well, here it is, ‘Lost & Found' - a feast to savour, tuck in and enjoy.


Review: Tom Franks

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