‘Interesting Times’ from Basco - a gamut of musical vocabularies

(June 11, 2017)

There’s distinct and intense enticement within this music ... complex construction, pioneering approaches and expressive invention ... all fuse and coalesce into a miasma that flows and courses around the listener. The moods evolve, taking paths unexpected and leading toBasco Interesting Times places unforeseen. The mix of original and tradition is always balanced and the result is ‘Interesting Times’ from Basco.

Drawing influence from Scandinavian, English, Celtic and American sources, coupled to original explorations, this album takes the listener through a gamut of musical vocabularies. Each representation touching unbroken ground to express itself through the roots of heritage to the shoots of discovery. The interplay between the musicians and instruments creates a magic that offers an invitation to become deeply involved ... from the instrumental mastery of pieces such as ‘The Way of All Flesh’, ‘The Friendly Neighbour’ and ‘It Ain’t Stealing (if it’s Really Yours)’ there’s an engrossing interplay between cittern, violin, viola, mandolin and accordion. The combined imagination of the four musicians creates a weave that binds you to the music ... this connection clearly evident in ‘Norwegian Red’, ‘Tesla Waltz/ A Flat In Berlin’ and ‘The Diplomat’s Lament’. In addition to their own sparkling compositions, Basco delivers contemporary expression to the many versioned ‘Sir Patrick Spens’ taking something well-known to different places.

Basco is Ale Carr (cittern) Andreas Tophoj (violin, viola) Hal Parfitt-Murray (violin, mandolin, vocals) and Anders Ringgaard-Andersen (accordion, trombone).


Review: Tim Carroll

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