‘Against All Tides’ – Harpeth Rising - a fusion they call ‘chamberfolk’

(June 16, 2017)

There are many interpretations of folk. The thought of another definition stretches belief. At least it did prior to the arrival of Harpeth Rising. These three classically trained musicians play original compositions through a legacy firmly rooted in tradition. Their musical pedigree pulls together elements of Appalachia and Eastern Europe, involves bluegrass and folk, Against All Tides Harpeth Risingclassical and rock – all wrapped around luscious harmonies. They take their influences from wherever their inclinations find them to create a fusion they call ‘chamberfolk’ – and it’s a perfect description of their latest album, ‘Against All Tides’.

Their mix of supremely attractive voices and glittering arrangements lead the listener into a well of expression fed by their compositions. The opener ‘Love Child’ sets the tone, from there the journey continues through ‘Drink Of Reddest Wine’, into some mournful shadows with ‘Shades Of Orange’ and their take on Joan Baez’s ‘Prison Trilogy’. These songs reflect on the vagaries of this world from practical and thoughtful perspectives – take in ‘Early Riser’ or ‘The Highwayman’, and the all-absorbing ‘Westbound From Polaris’.

Harpeth Rising are Jordana Greenberg (violin, vocals, percussion) Maria Di Meglio (cello, vocals, percussion) and Michelle Younger (banjo, guitar, vocals, percussion).


Review: Charlie Elland

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