‘Flying Fish’ from Nick Dellar - softly enthralling and rich in imagery

(June 22, 2017)

Release an album of finger picked guitar music ... yourself, the wood and the wire ... that stands or falls on its own recognisances, and there’s nobody else to blame. Add a tale to each piece revealing the imagery running through the creative process ... you take another risk, the audience may not hear the same nuances. Then again, if they listen and relate, does it matter?Flying Fish Nick dellar

With 'Flying Fish' guitarist and composer, Nick Dellar has released an album of 15 tracks with a little introduction to each tune sharing the images he wants to conjure. And if you like your guitar music enthralling and rich in imagery, then ‘Flying Fish’ could be the one for you. The music moves through Dellar’s world view, illustrates people and places, records journeys and experiences ... and likely as not it will invoke similar images in your head.

‘Flying Fish’ offers a wide-ranging mix of styles ... township jazz, English folk, Afro-Irish hybrid, Italian dance. Along the way, the musical imagery touches echoes of memories, an atmospheric pseudo-medieval novel, real and fantasy battles, a Maserati Mistral Spider and a train journey. Opening with ‘Monkey Bounce’, to the eponymous ‘Flying Fish’ and ‘Carillon’ through ‘Camlaan to Goose Green’ to ‘Mistral’ and ‘Holmes Chapel Flyer’ this is an album to savour.


Review: Tim Carroll

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