‘We Happy Few’ from The Drystones - stays long after the last note fades

(June 23, 2017)

Mix tradition with original and not the sign of a seam in sight, do that and something’s going right. The We Happy Few The DrystonesDrystones, have done just that with their album ‘We Happy Few’ – and done it supremely well. Their new/ old mix takes some familiar paths with neatly rearranged versions, creditable covers, outstanding originals and a mix of tunes and songs. They provide fine examples of ‘Green Mountain’ and ‘The Cheshire Set’, added their touch to a cracking cover of the Martin Carthy take on ‘My Son John’, deliver a scintillating romp with ‘On The Dot’ and even give Henry Purcell an airing with ‘Hole In The Wall’

The blend of voices works perfectly, both independently and together. The musicianship is tight as a tick. And this, their third album, proves the recognition is well-deserved. Tradition at its best, innovation at its finest, ‘We Happy Few’ arrives with energy and excitement, remains for thoughtful appreciation, and stays long after the last note fades.

The Drystones are Alex Garden (fiddle, vocals, percussion) and Ford Collier (guitar, electric guitar, whistles, vocals, table, kanjira, percussion with Will Lang (bòdhran, percussion).


Review: Charlie Elland

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