‘Alight & Adrift’ by Tilly Moses - an accomplished debut album

(June 27, 2017)

The anticipation of reviewing a debut album is sometimes rewarded, sometimes not. The prize can be singularly different, stand out or set both artist and album apart from the crowd. Alight and Adrift Tilly Moses‘Alight & Adrift’ by Tilly Moses definitely stands out and certainly repays the listener. The voice is waiflike, not fragile but delicate with hidden strengths, the instrumentation softly subtle not insubstantial but all that’s needed, and the essence of ‘Alight & Adrift’ gently impressive. Classification is difficult, but ultimately unnecessary, contemporary folk will do if you must, although I feel it’s preferable to let ‘Alight & Adrift’ define itself.

The songs are Tilly Moses originals, opening with the sweeping ‘Definitions’, moving into ‘Waterman’ and the passionate ‘Paper Conflicts’, haunting echoes reside within ‘One Of Them’, before ‘Flatlands’ and a disquieting sense of leaving home and then ‘Footprints’ makes its powerful statement. This is an accomplished debut album, of that there is no doubt.

Playing on ‘Alight & Adrift’ are Tilly Moses (vocals, mandolin, harmonium, guitar) Finn Collinson (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, recorder, whistle) Kevin Duncan (bass guitar, percussion, piano, accordion) Ginny Davis (cello) and James Delarre (fiddle).


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