‘Circles EP’ by Alex Seel - an intriguing and absorbing listen

(June 29, 2017)

There’s sometimes a fine point where voice, music and lyrics come together in a perfect symbiosis, feeding off each other in a unique way. Find that point and you have a match Alex Seel Circles EP 001that’s often worth its weight in gold – many strive, some find it. The 'Circles EP' from Alex Seel does. The edgy, slightly frangible vocals pitch perfectly with the finger-picked guitar amplifying the pathways explored in the lyrics.

Telling everyday tales the intricate and inviting lyrics reach out through the softly engaging melodies and multitude of hooks – the result is an intriguing and absorbing listen, observational and contemplative. Seel uses a natural tenor to add a certain tenseness and agitation to the songs. There’s an overarching impression of immediacy that gives the narratives an urgency to convey their messages, which makes this compulsive listening.

And the stand out tracks? The lead track ‘Circles’ arrives somewhat uncertainly, engages slowly but ultimately holds, ‘Broken Faucet’ delivers a subtle lyrical punch, while ‘Curious Heart’ is utterly addictive.


Review: Charlie Elland

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