‘The Bird Who Sings Freedom’ by Georgia Lewis ­- another milestone of English folk music

(July 05, 2017)

In many ways Georgia Lewis possess what might well be described as a classic English folk voice, while that is undoubtedly true there’s far more to this artist than a voice. Her debut Georgia lewis The Bird Who Sings Freedomalbum, ‘The Bird Who Sings Freedom’ is statement enough to endorse that view ... mixing tradition with innovation, blending poetry with music and writing timeless songs ... this is an album worthy of serious consideration by everyone with an ear for folk contemporary and traditional music. There are ballads of life and love, truth and treachery, along the way examining the place and position of family, its influence from the past and to the future.

The album opens with the absorbing lead track ‘The Bird Who Sings Freedom’, a version of Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Caged Bird’ set to music by Jerry Jordan, while combining poetry and music, Georgia faultlessly combines A.E. Housman’s words with an original tune in ‘True Lover’. The album offers another Georgia original with the moving ‘Until One Day’ from there she adds her own style to many-versioned songs, such as ‘Gypsies/ March Of The Crows’, ‘The Unfortunate Lass’ while delivering original imaginative versions of ‘Wife of Usher’s Well’, ‘Must I Be Bound’ and the dark imagery of ‘Lady Diamond’.

Playing on the album are Georgia Lewis (vocals, whistle, accordion, shruti box, stepping) Rowan Piggott (fiddle, piano, vocals) Tom Sweeney (double bass) Even Carson (bodhran, percussion) and Felix Miller (guitar). ‘The Bird Who Sings Freedom’ will without doubt serve as another milestone of English folk music and if justice prevails, gain even wider recognition for Georgia Lewis. The album releases 28th July on Rootbeat Records.


Review: Tim Carroll

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